The Bride & Groom Thank-You Guide

A Thoroughly Modern Manual for Expressing Your Gratitude-Quickly, Painlessly andPersonally!

A thoroughly modern manual for expressing gratitude-quickly, painlessly, and personally!

How can I ever thank you?
Thank-you notes are essential-but they don’t have to be torturous to write and stilting to read. With this concise guide, modern couples can make the task easy while adding essential personal touches to each note they send. Filled with information on everything about writing the perfect thank-you, including:

  • Modern technology like email, DVDs, and videostreaming-to use or not to use?
  • The top 15 thank-you mistakes-and how to avoid them
  • A thank-you thesaurus
  • How to word thank-yous for non-traditional gifts, including charitable donations and honeymoon registries
  • Thanking the bridal party and other special people
  • Creating unique cards with stamp art, photos, and more
  • Thank-you checklists, shopping lists, and a writing timetable
The Bride & Groom Thank-You Guide