It’s Not My Wedding: But I’m in Charge

Will She Ever Get To Say “I Do” As the right-hand woman to the most sought-after wedding planner in the country, Mylie Ford knows weddings from champagne fountains and twelve-piece bands to towering cakes and all. But the nuptials of the decade-those of rich, famous, and truly fabulous stars Kick Lyons and Celia Tyranova-are not only super secret, but super stressful . . . Between an obsessed paparazzo, jealous clients, and more frequent flier miles than she can ever use, Mylie is in over her head. And that’s before she meets personal chef Russell, a newly divorced single dad who has everything she’s ever wanted in a man-and more. Such as a six-year-old daughter who detests Mylie on sight, and the painful ghost of a relationship that’s better off dead. Mylie might know weddings, but love is still a mystery. Suddenly, planning the most famous wedding in the world seems easy compared to living happily ever after with the man of her dreams . . . Sharon Naylor is the author of over twenty wedding and honeymoon books, including Mother of the Groom, The Mother-of-the-Bride Book, and The Groom’s Guide. She has appeared recently as a wedding expert on Lifetime, Inside Edition, Fox 5 Live, and other national and international television and radio shows. She has written for Bridal Guide, Bride’s, Self, Health, Shape, and many other magazines.

It's Not My Wedding: But I'm in Charge